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Aug 11
Women's Month

Trilogy Blog 7: What it means to be a Woman in 2019 – in honour of Women’s Month

Let me just start saying that in no way is this just for the ladies out there and I hope my male readers enjoy it as well. So, as it is women’s month, I thought we could look at what it means to be a woman in 2019, well as I see it anyway.  Right, where to start, it’s 2:15 am and I am sitting in Dubai airport waiting for my connecting flight to Durban after heading to Europe for a quick visit and the AGM for my accrediting body GUEST. I am feeling pretty tired and know that when I land tomorrow I am not going to get a chance to rest and recover from my flight, mainly because I will have a small person to take care of again and spend time with after being away for 5 days, and also because I have 2 people wanting to call me to have a quick meeting so that we can get started on certain projects first thing Monday morning. As you can imagine there is not going to be much time to rest before bedtime, but this is the life of a working mom and a woman trying to build a business and career. I am sure there are many women out there who would say to me, “phew that’s a quiet day for me”. And I respect that, but my point here is that as women we have to wear so many different hats and hold it all together. We have to be the perfect everything and are constantly bombarded by messages that if we aren’t perfect, we are “doing it wrong” and it’s exhausting. Often we see people who look like they have everything under control and are “winning” at life, but it is very often the case that they are not, everyone has their battle and so we need to be supportive of each other, thankful for each other and most of all kind to one another.

That is why I believe that women’s month is so important, and I also feel we should have a men’s month by the way. We need to celebrate and recognise the achievements, goals, failures and just generally what it means to be a woman in all our different roles. Speaking from personal experience I feel like my roles are the following, listed in no order of preference or importance: Mother, Wife, Friend, lover, sister, daughter, businesswoman, teacher, mentor, role model, good citizen, and general all-round nice person. Now you may notice one thing about that list, I left something off, and we all tend to do this. As when we look at ourselves, we look at what others expect from us, what others see and need or want from us. What we have to give of ourselves to others. But what about us? What about what we give to ourselves rather than from ourselves. A very wise person once told me, “You can’t pour from an empty cup” and it is so true. We spend so much time pouring from our cup, but how often do we spend time filling it up? Or letting others fill it up for us?

We at Trilogy are celebrating Women this month with #WomensMonthWednesday on our Facebook page and on Instagram. We will be featuring ladies who are in the yachting industry and what it took for them to get where they are today. We want to celebrate some normal everyday ladies who deserve to get their cups “filled up” by recognising them. So please join us in celebrating women’s Month this August and let’s actually not just limit it to Women or just a month, a kind word, a smile or show of support can often go much further than you ever anticipated. And damn, it feels so good to be positive and make someone smile, a two for one deal on good vibes. Now I am sure that is something we can all get behind. Have a good month all!