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Professional Persona Development in Schools

“The best teacher is experience & our trainers have plenty of diverse experience to draw on when teaching.”
Why Professional Persona Development in schools?

At Trilogy Luxury Training, we really try to understand the pressures that come with being a young person. And so we have tried to make your life a little easier. That is why, we at Trilogy Luxury Training are pleased to offer young ladies and gentlemen the opportunity to learn some of life’s finer skills that will help them navigate the world they are about to enter with grace and assurance.

With Matric Dances and end of year fast approaching we will be running courses for school leavers covering the following topics:

  • Personal presentation and deportment
  • Confidence and the importance of it, how to achieve it
  • Interview techniques and making a good impression
  • Manners and social conduct: we touch here on cultural etiquette and awareness
  • Social media and how it can affect our work opportunities
  • Correct table etiquette – including how to seat someone or be seated by someone. Covering the basics from how the table is set right through to which cutlery is which and order of service.
  • Tattoos and piercings and their place in the modern workplace – think before you ink


So whether is be gearing up for your Matric Dance or preparing for your first job interview. We are here to help. Contact us and one of our friendly and overly-excited staff will get back to you.

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