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Training We Offer

“The best teacher is experience & our trainers have plenty of diverse experience to draw on when teaching.”

Onboard & Fleet training

Trilogy Luxury Training offers GUEST accredited courses to yacht crew as well as bespoke training to meet your needs. Our approach is theory and practical based with our ethos being to understand why we do things, how to implement these skills to achieve consistency and exceed our guests’ expectations. With on-going industry involvement, we offer up-to-date content and course work with a personal touch and exceptional attention to detail.

Our courses involve not only the practical skills of being a yachting professional, such as:

  • Service styles and being a service professional
  • Housekeeping – efficiency with a 6-star service, products and product knowledge
  • Care of delicate surfaces and materials – including education on how to recognise, care for and maintain delicate surfaces
  • Laundry – stain treating 101, good laundry practises, laundry products and knowledge
  • Wine and cocktail knowledge and training

But we also cover important topics such as:

  • Health and happiness on board – looking after yourself
  • Being a good crew member – within your department and on board
  • Confidence and the role it plays, how to achieve it
  • Personal presentation and deportment
  • Polished language skills – dealing with guests in a graceful and respectful manner
Super yacht
super yacht

Private household training

Allow us to meet your individual needs unique to your household and expectations. Whether is as simple as training your staff to take their service to the next level or as in-depth as starting from the ground up creating household manuals, SOP’s and interior maintenance and care for your beautifully appointed interior. We have the knowledge and experience to optimise the operation and care of your home so that you don’t have to give it a second thought while experiencing excellent service from your staff


Hotel & accommodation training

Drawing on our Butler training allow us to take your customer service to the next level to give your guests what we call the 5 senses experience. Working with your staff to inspire them to fine tune their skills using simple, yet effective skills to provide a “6-star” service. We believe that no matter what size or level establishment you are, you should always offer your guests an unforgettable stay and attention to detail above expectation.

House cleaning

Schools – Professional Persona development

We at Trilogy Luxury Training are pleased to offer young ladies and gentlemen the opportunity to learn some of life’s finer skills that will help them navigate the world they are about to enter with grace and aplomb. 

With Matric Dances and end of year fast approaching we will be running courses for school leavers covering the following topics:

  • Personal presentation and deportment
  • Confidence and the importance of it, how to achieve it
  • Interview techniques and making a good impression
  • Manners and social conduct: we touch here on cultural etiquette and awareness
  • Social media and how it can affect our work opportunities
  • Correct table etiquette – including how to seat someone or be seated by someone. Covering the basics from how the table is set right through to which cutlery is which and order of service.
  • Tattoos and piercings and their place in the modern workplace – think before you ink

Conduct & Etiquette training

Old school manners and etiquette delivered in a modern world. We run bespoke courses for groups, individuals and companies covering the following areas:

  • Conduct and etiquette at the table: which forks is first and where do I put my napkin
  • Basic Wine education: We cover the basics and give you the confidence to choose wine off a menu, as gifts and for yourself.
  • Social, Cultural and international Etiquette: Make an impression in the right way when interacting with people of different cultures.
  • Developing your professional persona: we look at interview techniques, written and verbal communication, personal presentation and punctuality.

* Choose from the above to customize it specifically for your needs.

Man holding hand out to man to shake his hand. Man opposite him is bowing slightly to the manThe best teacher is experience & our trainers have plenty of diverse experience to draw on when teaching.